4.5 TOG Hollowfibre Duvet


4.5 TOG Hollowfibre Duvet.  The perfect duvet for the warmer, Summer months!  The hollowfibre polyester filling and microfibre cover are non-allergenic. Great value duvets!

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4.5 TOG Hollowfibre Duvet - Duvets, Duvet Covers and Bed Linen Ireland - KerryLinen F01
4.5 TOG Hollowfibre Duvet – Duvets, Duvet Covers and Bed Linen Ireland – KerryLinen.ie

4.5 TOG Hollowfibre Duvet

Our 4.5 TOG Hollowfibre Duvet is designed to be used in the warmer, summer season months, due to its low TOG rating.  The hollowfibre polyester filling and microfibre cover are non-allergenic.  The duvet drapes very well around you and your bed, providing warmth without feeling heavy. These duvets are easily maintained, washable and tumble-dryable at home. Available sizes include; Single, Double, King Size (Super King coming soon).

What is Hollowfibre?

Hollowfibre is a synthetic polyester material, made from – as the name suggests – hollow fibres.  Used in many products, hollowfibre is used in our duvets and some pillows. We think hollowfibre makes the perfect material for duvets, as it’s comfortable, lightweight, provides a lot of warmth and is resistant to dust mites (great for allergy sufferers). It’s also easily washed and dried at home.

As mentioned, hollowfibre is so called because of the hollow strands of polyester from which it’s made.  Long, tiny little tubes, essentially.  The hollow fibres trap air inside, giving a more insulating effect, increasing the warmth you keep in your bed.

The hollow tubes traps air and give a more fluffy, or bouncy duvet filling. Hollowfibre duvets are very lightweight, but the insulating nature of the fibres means the duvet keeps you incredibly warm, with a higher TOG rating, without having a heavy, thick duvet on your bed.

Hollowfibre duvets are significantly less expensive than those made from more traditional duvet fillings.  It is considerably easier to care for, as it can be washed and tumble dried in almost all domestic machines.   However, due to its synthetic makeup, these duvets tend not to last quite as long as down duvets.  You might expect an expensive down duvet to last many years, but you may be looking to replace your hollowfibre duvet every year or two – especially if they’re used a lot.  This can be a great benefit to those who prefer to change their bed linen more frequently, but more so, are ideal for guest houses, B&Bs and hotel, where frequent changes are standard.  Read more about Hollowfibre.

The much lower prices, hollowfibre duvets still offer incredible value for money.

Hollowfibre vs Hollowfiber

They’re the same.  ‘Fibre’ tends to be the European spelling and ‘fiber’ the American one.  Both there’s no difference, just regional spelling differences.

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