Polycotton Flat Sheets


Polycotton Flat Sheets.  Part of our best selling line of sheets, these polycotton sheets are great value, durable and look fantastic!!  Washable at 60°, ideal for guest houses and holiday homes!  Strong, 180 thread count.

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Polycotton Fitted Sheets - Bedding and Bed Linen Ireland - KerryLinen F01
Polycotton Fitted Sheets – Bedding and Bed Linen Ireland – KerryLinen.ie

Polycotton Flat Sheets, 180 Thread Count

Polycotton Flat Sheets.  Long lasting, more durable and warmer, our flat Polycotton sheets are a great choice for homes, guest house and holiday rental properties.  Polycotton bed linen is our most popular seller, as it offers greater durability, better value and can be safely washed at 60° without any shrinkage.  These quality polycotton flat sheets made from a strong, 180 thread count polycotton.  Fastastic price, too!

Flat Sheet Sizes

We offer polycotton flat sheets in Single, Double, King Size and Superking sizes.  Click the ‘Bed & Sheet Sizes’ tab, or click here for more information about standard bed and sheet sizes.

Why Choose Polycotton Sheets?

Polycotton is a mix of Polyester and Cotton. The ratio of Cotton to Polyester can vary, mostly ranging from 50/50% to 65% Cotton to 35% Polyester.  As Polyester is a synthetic (man made, not natural) material, it will pill overtime. Pilling is those little ‘bobbles’ (balls of material) which form on the surface of the material, which can make your sheets feel rougher as time passes.

Polycotton is Strong & Durable

Polycotton is a highly durable material as Polyester contains strong plastic-like substances, making it far less likely to rip or tear.  The durable nature of Polycotton makes it an very popular choice in commercial situations such as hotels, where bed sheets are often changed often.

Both Cotton and Polycotton bed sheets are easy to care for, both types of fabric can be washed on normal cycles in your washing machine and can be dried in the dryer.  It is advised to wash cotton at lower temperatures (around 30° or 40°) however Polycotton can be washed at higher temperatures – up to 60° – for ultimate cleanliness.  Washing natural fabrics like cotton 60 degrees may (most likely, will) cause them to shrink, however polycotton will not.  That said, there are a number of types of cotton and polycotton, so always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when washing and drying your sheets and bed linen.

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Which is Warmer, Cotton or Polycotton?

Polycotton bed sheets tends to keep you much warmer than cotton. Polycotton lacks the ‘breathability’ of cotton, with less air circulation.  If your climate is warmer, you may want to consider cooler cotton fabrics for your bedding.  Cotton is considerably more absorbent that Polycotton, meaning that any sweat you produce at night is likely to be kept underneath the covers as you sleep.  Cotton, however, will absorb sweat.  We’re not sure which is better, to be honest.  If a person sweats much at night, the sheets will need washing either way.

Cotton is More Expensive

Generally speaking, 100% cotton bedding tends to be more expensive than Polycotton. However, it’s not simply a case of initial cost.  Both cotton and polycotton will last a long time, assuming they are looked after properly.  Cotton is more expensive, but is more likely to tear.  Polycotton tends to be considerably more durable, so will last longer.