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What is Hollowfibre - Kerry Linen Beddng and Bed Linen Ireland F01

What is Hollowfibre?

What is Hollowfibre? Hollowfibre is so called because of the hollow strands of fine polyester from which it is made.  The hollow, air-filled centre running through the fibres traps warm air and gives the duvet a bouncy filling.

Cotton vs Polycotton - Bedding & Bed Linen -

Cotton vs Polycotton

Cotton vs Polycotton – which is best?  That’s a difficult question and all depends on what you want.  Cotton is more expensive, but polycotton is way more durable and long-lasting.  Cotton tends to be softer, but polycotton brings a crisp and clean feel to your bedding.

Bed Sizes and Bed Linen Size Guide - Kerry Linen

Bed Sizes – Standard Irish Bed Measurements

Bed Sizes – Ireland/UK ‘Standard’ Bed Sizes.  there are a number of ‘standards’ when it comes to bed and mattress sizes, but we have detailed what is generally considered to be the standard for Ireland (the same as the UK).  At, we specialise in the most common bed sizes – Single, Double and King Size, although Superking bedding is available on request.

What is Thread Count and Why Does it Matter - Kerry Linen Bedding and Bed Linen, Ireland.

What is Thread Count?

What is Thread Count?  Does it matter?  Is higher thread count better?  We do our best to answer your questions about the number of threads in your bed linen and what difference it might make to your comfortable nights’ sleep.

What is Pilling and How to Prevent It - Kerry Linen Bedding and Bed Linen, Ireland.

What is Pilling?

What is pilling and why does it happen?  Those irritating little bobbles of fluff that appear after time can make your bedding look a little, erm.. tatty.  It happens as the fibres of the material – both natural and man-made fabrics – break down and get tangled together, forming little balls of material.

What is a TOG Rating and which TOG do I Need

What is a TOG Rating?

What is a TOG Rating?  TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ and is the unit of measurement used to determine the thermal insulation of a duvet (and other products).  Basically, how hot it keeps you.  If you’re asking yourself, “What is a TOG Rating?”, read on and find out!

Bed Sheet Sizes

Bed Sheet Sizes – Standard sizes of beds, fitted sheets and flat sheets, our guide to buying the right size sheets.  One thing’s certain, unless you already know, measure your bed to make sure the sheets order will fit.  Most beds fall in to the standard sizes below, but there can be many, many other variations and sizes.

What is Pima Cotton? - Kerry Linen

What is Pima Cotton?

‘Pima cotton’ is generally considered a better type of cotton, softer to the touch, more durable and resistant to wrinkling.  This is because Pima cotton fibres (each individual cotton strand) are much longer.  The cotton fibres can be up to twice as long as ‘normal’ cotton, which produces a much stronger material.  Pima tends to have a much smoother feel and will not wrinkle anywhere near as much, making it easier to iron.  The longer threads make the cotton stronger, greatly increasing its life expectancy.

Housewife vs Oxford Pillowcases - Kerry Linen Bedding and Bed Linen Ireland

Housewife vs Oxford Pillowcases

Housewife vs Oxford Pillowcases.  Why the names, what do they mean?  The difference is simple, ‘Housewife’ Pillowcases have no frill, while ‘Oxford’ Pillowcases have an extra border, generally around 5cm, around the edge. They’re both to fir the same standard size of pillow, 50cm by 75cm wide.

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