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Cotton Sheets, Pillowcases & Duvet Covers

100% Cotton has always been the ‘standard’ for bedding.  With a clean, cool, and soft feel, it even gets softer with every wash!  Cotton sheets are also a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

While 100% cotton sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers will need slightly more attention while washing and drying, just a little care will make your cotton bedding last for years!

Care of Cotton Bedding

Firstly, always follow the washing instructions on the manufacturer’s label.  That said, here are a few ‘general’ rules for the good care of cotton bedding…

Wash and dry cotton sheets regularly and, ideally, on a cold setting.  If you can, wash and dry them separately, avoiding any abrasion from other materials and giving your cotton bedding room to circulate in the machines.

Always avoid harsh detergents when washing cotton sheets.  Stronger detergents will weaken the cotton fibres, causing them to break and form ‘pills’.  What is ‘Pilling’?, read more.

Recommended Detergents for Cotton

You may not find these in your local supermarket, but they’re generally considered some of the best – and most gentle – detergents for washing cotton bedding.

And remember, wash on a cold or cool setting!

Can I Spin Dry Cotton Sheets?

Pure cotton sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers can be spin-dried with no problem.  That said, the more you spin, the more likely the cotton will become creased.  In a perfect world, where the sun always shines, drying cotton sheets outside in the fresh, warm air is always the best.  But then, sunny warm days can be far and few between, here in Ireland!

Can I Tumble Dry Them?

As mentioned, drying outside on the line is the ideal way to dry cotton sheets, tumble drying isn’t ideal.  However with a little care, you can tumble dry cotton bedding if you use a very low heat without much damage being caused.  Higher heat tumbling will also shrink cotton – which we don’t want.  Make it cool and keep the cycle short for best results.  Also, the sheets don’t need to be perfectly dry, it’s ok to take them out when still a little damp, as this makes it much easier to shake out the creases.