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Hollowfibre.  A Great Option for Duvets & Pillows

Hollowfibre.  What is it?  Hollowfibre is a synthetic material made from very thin strands of polyester and have a tiny hole running through the middle of the fibre… they are hollow, hence the name.  Hollowfibre is a great option for duvets, it’s light and very warm.

Hollowfibre - A Cost-Effective and Very Warm Synthetic Filling for Duvets - KerryLinen.ie
Hollowfibre – A Cost-Effective and Very Warm Synthetic Filling for Duvets – KerryLinen.ie

A Cost-Effective, Easy-Care & Very Warm Duvet Option

Hollowfibre duvets are a great value, choice for comfort and warmth.  They are certainly for more popular than their ‘natural’ filled alternatives.  Of course, we all have our preferences, but whichever you choose, it’s safe to say that we have all slept under a synthetic duvet at some point.

Hollowfibre-filled duvets feel springy and lofty, perfect for snuggling under thick covers that aren’t too heavy. Hollow fibre duvets are much, much easier to wash and care for.  They are machine washable at 60º and dry considerably quicker than natural fillings.  They’re ideal for allergy-sufferers and children.

The Pros and Cons of Hollowfibre

Hollowfibre-filled duvets are considerably less expensive than feather or down filled ones.  They are lightweight, meaning they won’t smother you or feel too heavy at night. They are also particularly good for those who may suffer from allergies.

Hollowfibre filled duvets are also much easier to care for. They can be washed at a higher temperature (usually 60º) and dry much quicker than their ‘natural’ counterparts.

Hollow fibre duvets do, however, have a shorter life span, meaning they will need changing more often.  They tend to ‘flatten’ over time, but this flattening can be fixed with a little care and manual ‘fluffing up’.  Synthetic filling duvets will need replacing every two years, maximum, while feather/down duvets may last a lifetime.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though.  While feather/down will last longer, they are much more expensive and replacing your duvet every so often means a clean and fresh new duvet more often.  A new hollow fibre duvet is a lot cleaner than an older natural duvet, no matter how many times it’s been carefully washed.

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