Cotton Pillowcase, Housewife


100% Cotton Pillowcase, ‘Housewife’ style.  Soft, luxurious and hard wearing, these pillowcases with matching ‘Oxford’ style, are perfect for your home, guest house or holiday rental.  To fit ‘standard’, 50cm x 75cm pillow.  Part of our 100% cotton bedding range.  Fast delivery in Ireland, plus a great price!

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Cotton Pillowcase, Housewife

Cotton Pillowcase, ‘Housewife’ style.  Super soft, 100% cotton, classic ‘Housewife’ style pillowcases.  Few things feel as good as new, soft cotton sheets!  These 180 thread count, 100% cotton pillowcases are a touch of luxury.  To fit the ‘standard’ pillow size of 50cm by 75cm, they are part of a range of cotton bedding at very affordable prices!

Mix and match ‘Housewife’ and ‘Oxford’ styles on your bed, as part of the set of fitted sheet, flat cotton sheet and super-soft cotton duvet cover.  Why are they called ‘Housewife’ pillowcases?”  Good question!  Read Housewife vs Oxford Pillowcases in the Bedding Blog!

Cotton Bedding in Ireland

On average, we spend about a third of our lives in bed.  It’s so important to make sure our sleeping time is as restful as possible.  The range of 100% cotton bedding from gives you a cozy nights’ sleep at a very affordable price!  Whether you’re looking for just a cotton pillowcase or a matching cotton bedding set, you can be sure you’ll find just the right bedding, right here!

100% cotton bedding one of life’s luxuries!  Our 100% cotton bedding sets – flat sheets, fitted sheets, duvet covers – are available in Single, Double and King Size.

We stock 100% cotton bedding perfect for your home, also for you guest house, B&B or hotel.  We like simple white cotton bedding.  Crisp, clean and fresh, few things feel quite as 100 cotton bedding. Treat yourself (or your guests) to a better night’s sleep!

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Why is it Called ‘Housewife’?

‘Housewife’ describes what we might call a ‘normal’ pillowcase.  These pillowcases do not have the 5cm ‘frill’ present on ‘Oxford’ pillowcases.  These tend to be the most popular pillowcases and have an unmistakable ‘classic’ style, being simple and elegant.  Our housewife pillowcases are the standard Ireland/UK size, 50cm by 75cm and fit all our pillows.

The term ‘housewife’ – used by many, if not all, linen retailers – originated in the 1800s when The Housewives Co-operative in Bolton in Lancashire, designed the style with a flap at one end to easily open and close the case.  This simple design feature arose because previous pillowcases had a plain, open end, from which the pillows often fell out.

To pay tribute to the diligent work and design inspiration of the ladies of the The Housewives Co-operative, they became universally known as ‘Housewife’.

We know there has been some backlash to the use of this term recently, calling it rather dated, even sexist.  We’re aware of that, but use the term as it is a commonly accepted description.  If you feel we’ve made a mistake there, please let us know.

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Which is Better, Cotton or Polycotton?

Cotton feels better than polycotton.  The natural fibres of cotton feel soft and natural.  Polycotton bed sheets, however, will keep you much warmer than cotton, but polycotton lacks the ‘breathability’ of cotton, as it offers less circulation o fair.  If the weather where you are is warmer, you might want to consider cooler, cotton, Egyptian or Pima cotton fabrics for your bed.  Cotton is much more absorbent that Polycotton, meaning that any sweat you produce at night is likely to be kept underneath the covers as you sleep.  Cotton, however, will absorb sweat.  We’re not sure which is better, to be honest.  If a person sweats much at night, the sheets will need washing either way.

Polycotton is More Affordable

Generally speaking, 100% cotton bedding is to be more expensive than Polycotton.  However, polycotton sheets and pillowcases cost significantly less and, if cared for properly, are far more durable, less likely to wear and tear.  Polycotton bedding might be more appropriate for beds with a high turn-over of guests, and clean or new bed linen.  Read more about Polycotton vs Cotton in the Bedding Blog.


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