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180 Thread Count Bedding in Cotton & Polycotton

180 thread count bedding & bed linen products available from KerryLinen.ie.  Luxurious and long-lasting bed linen for home, hotel or B&B.  Read more about thread counts in the Bedding Blog!

What is Thread Count and Why Does it Matter - Kerry Linen Bedding and Bed Linen, Ireland.
What is Thread Count and Why Does it Matter? – KerryLinen.ie Bedding and Bed Linen, Ireland.

What is Thread Count?

‘What is thread count?’.  It’s a common question.  ‘Thread count’ describes the number of individual threads in a cotton or polycotton, per square inch.  So 180 thread count means there are 180 threads, horizontally and vertically (90 each), per inch.

Is a Higher Thread Count Better?

It can be, but certainly isn’t always.  Higher thread counts in cotton bedding can mean a much thicker cotton material, making it feel more like canvas that soft cotton.

It is also the case that many manufacturers will spin two, or three, much thinner threads together, making it seem like the thread count is a lot higher.  The higher numbers sometimes advertised isn’t always a true reflexion of the actual count of the threads.

Does Lower Thread Count Mean Lower Quality?

Absolutely not.  The quality of cotton and polycotton is determined by many factors, mostly concerning the quality of the original cotton, or poly/cotton mix.

Preference, Not Quality

Very generally speaking, higher thread counts should mean a heavier feeling sheet.  This make be good or bad, depending on your preference.  Many prefer a more lightweight feel to their bedding, feeling more airy and not so rigid.  If your aim is for higher quality, look to the higher quality cotton, like percale and Egyptian, don’t pay too much attention to the thread count.