White Sheets and Pillowcases - Pure, Fresh and Clean Bed Linen for your Home, Hotel, Guest House or B&B

White Sheets & Pillowcases

White Sheets & Pillowcases.  A splash of colour can breath life in to a tired, old bedroom, that’s for sure.  But overloading colours can look a little messy, cluttered and a little oppressive.  White fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases give your bed a fresh and clean foundation to carry a vibrant and colourful duvet cover.

White Sheets & Pillowcases

Crisp, clean and wonderful to sleep in!  There are few things quite as comforting as falling in to a clean, fresh bed and white cotton, Egyptian cotton or polycotton sheets and pillowcases do the perfect job of making your feel cosy, comfortable and clean!  They’re also an absolute must if your buying bedding for a guest house, hotel or B&B.  The initial impression a fresh, clean bed to your guests will be remembered… especially when they come to leave their review on TripAdvisor!

Hotel Stripe Sheets & Pillowcases

Satin Stripe (or ‘Hotel Stripe’) sheets and pillowcases add a real touch of class to any guest house, B&B or hotel’s beds.  Your guests will see the quality immediately and feel a little special when they spend their holidays in your establishment!  Made from a durable and hard-waring cotton/polyester blend, these superb duvet covers with matching pillowcases in Housewife and Oxford styles look amazing and will leave a long-lasting impression on your guests!

White Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Synonymous with quality, Egyptian Cotton sheets and pillowcases are a real touch of luxury!  Our range of white Egyptian cotton flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases in Housewife and Oxford styles and matching duvet cover are made from genuine Egyptian cotton, in durable 200 thread count.  200 thread count cotton is a great all-round fabric when it comes to luxury, price and texture. The sheets are light, yet strong and durable. They are perfect for your home, or for guest houses, B&Bs and holiday rental properties.

White Polycotton Bedding

Durable, affordable and easy care, white polycotton sheets & pillowcases are perfect for your home, hotel, guest house or B&B.  Soft to the touch and long-lasting, our white cotton/polyester blend sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are outstanding quality at a very good price!  They are easy to care for, washable at 60º and easy to iron or tumble dry.  If you run a guest house or hotel, and have a high turnover of guests, polycotton is the way to go!  Overall, they are the best option for price and durability.

White Bedding for Guest Houses & B&Bs

Are you running an accommodation business?  A guest house, B&B, even an AirBnB property?  We say, Use white sheets”.  White sheets and pillowcases are the preferred choice for the vast majority of better hotels, guest houses and B&Bs.  Here’s why:

  • Guests have better sleep and a better initial perception of the bed in your hotel or guest house.
    Your guests will love how your bed looks, crisp and inviting with fresh, new white sheets. They look clean, but not cold.  White is also timeless.  Colourful designs and patterns can come and go in style, but white is always good.  And, it’s much easier to add a splash of colour to a white bed, with patterns runners or similar.  White is surprisingly versatile!
  • White sheets give your guests an immediate impression of freshness and cleanliness.
    As your guests arrive, there are few things as important as the immediate ‘feel-good factor’.  White cotton or polycotton bedding screams ‘clean’ and that’s one of the most important things they will remember when they leave a comment on their favourite travel social media website.  Fresh white sheets mean a better TripAdvisor rating!
  • White doesn’t bleed, so it’s easier to care and maintain white sheets, along with white towels, bathrobes, and other linen.
    White cotton and polycotton sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers can be washed together, meaning no colour bleed.  They can be washed a higher temperatures, meaning cleaner sheets for longer.  Polycotton, especially, is so easy to keep looking clean and fresh.

More Bed Linen from KerryLinen.ie

KerryLinen.ie stock the most popular bedding for quick delivery throughout Ireland.  We have a range of polycotton, cotton & Egyptian cotton sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and more, available for delivery straight to your door via An Post’s regular parcel service.  We can deliver faster, if needed, particularly with larger orders.  Bedding Sets:  Easy ordering, better prices!  Sets include flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover (optional).  Buy together and save money!

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Reliable & Speedy Delivery

Our aim is to ship your order, the day following receipt of payment. We use An Post to deliver most orders, but larger, or ‘special’ orders can be shipping via courier if required.  Read more about delivery of your order.


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White Sheets & Pillowcases
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White Sheets & Pillowcases
White Sheets & Pillowcases.  A splash of colour can breath life in to a tired, old bedroom, that's for sure.  But overloading colours can look a little messy, cluttered and a little oppressive.  White fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases give your bed a fresh and clean foundation to carry a vibrant and colourful duvet cover.
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