Spring Inspirations - Colourful Ideas for your 2022 Spring Bedroom Makeover

Spring Inspirations

Spring inspirations for you bedroom makeover!  While we’re continuing to stock the ready shelves, ready to open, we thought we’d bring a few bright and colourful ideas to breath some Spring air in to your bedroom!

Spring Inspirations

Spring is in the air and it’s time for an explosion of fresh, new designs and colours in your bedroom!  Whether it’s due to the budding blooms outside or the rows of Easter candy lining supermarket shelves, the start of spring always has us ready to go all-out with the season’s prettiest hues. Get inspired with some of our favourite bedding ideas, fresh colours and floral design, they’re filled with all the springtime palette inspiration you need.

Colourful Spring Duvet Covers for 2022!

The scheme for a bedroom should be something that you find relaxing and cosy, although a quick look through our gallery of ideas suggests that there are plenty of ways to interpret that! Pale paint colours and understated patterns certainly have their moment, but spare rooms are often a great place to run riot with colour and pattern, perhaps in the form of a bedroom wallpaper, since they’re unlikely to be occupied every day.

Be Inspired with our Spring Inspirations Ideas!

Make sure the bones of the room work for how you use the room. If space and budget allow, some built-in joinery can make all the difference for storage, and give the room a more seamless feel than if it’s stuffed with furniture.

Colourful Curtains

When it comes to choosing fabric window dressings for your room, there’s a lot to think about. From where to shop and which styles to go for, to the practicalities of how to measure and hang curtains and blinds, it’s a real minefield. Not to mention choosing the colour and fabric of curtain and blinds, but also functionality – do you want blackout blinds or insulating curtains?  It’s a lot to think about, but here are just a few beautiful Spring designs for 2022!


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Spring Inspirations!
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Spring Inspirations!
Spring inspirations for you bedroom makeover!  While we're continuing to stock the ready shelves, ready to open, we thought we'd bring a few bright and colourful ideas to breath some Spring air in to your bedroom!
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