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How Often Should Cotton Sheets be Washed?

How Often Should Cotton Sheets be Washed?  Keeping white cotton clean and bright is essential, but over-washing can cause permanent damage to the cotton fibres.  Washing on a gentle cycle and using a mild detergent is vital to keep your cotton sheets & pillowcases look as good as new!

Can I Put Cotton Sheets in the Dryer? Cotton Sheets, Pillowcases & Duvet Covers,

Can I Put Cotton Sheets in the Dryer?

Can I Put Cotton Sheets in the Dryer?  You can, but do take some care.  As always, check the manufacturer’s washing and drying instructions, but generally speaking, you can dry cotton bedding on a low heat, for a short time.  Treat cotton with care and it will last a lot longer!

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Do Cotton Sheets Shrink?

Do Cotton Sheets Shrink?  They certainly can, but with a little care, they will keep their shape for years.  Always follow the care instructions, but generally wash cotton sheets on a gentle, low temperature cycle and very cool tumble dry… better still dry them outside!

How to Wash Cotton Sheets - Simply, Often and with Great Care

How to Wash Cotton Sheets

How to Wash Cotton Sheets – Simply, Often and with Great Care.  It’s true to say that 100% cotton needs a little more attention than polycotton blend bedding, but with a little care, you can wash your 100% cotton bed linen and keep it in great condition.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Bed Linen Luxury - Strong, Super-Soft, Quality Egyptian Cotton - Sheets & Pillowcases from

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets, the height of bed linen luxury!  Strong and super-soft, ‘Egyptian Cotton’ is synonymous with quality, and rightly so!  The longer cotton fibres makes for a much more durable sheets & pillowcases, with an instantly – and significantly – better feel.  A touch of luxury for your home, or for your guests! 

Luxury Bed Linen - Sheets, Pillowcases, Duvets Covers -, Ireland

Luxury Bed Linen

Luxury Bed Linen.  Nothing says ‘luxury’ quite like Egyptian Cotton.  The softness of Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases is immediate the moment you get in to bed.  Premium quality Egyptian cotton bed linen, delivered from and to Ireland.

Types of Cotton and which are Best for your Bedding and Linen - Kerry Linen Ireland

Types of Cotton

Types of Cotton used in bedding and bed linen.  There are three main types of cotton, but we explore one or two more options here.  ‘Normal’ – or Upland – Cotton, makes up the bulk of cotton sheets & pillowcases, with the finer cotton varieties – Egyptian and Pima – offering a longer-lasting, softer to the touch and more luxurious option.

What is Egyptian Cotton? - Kerry Linen Beddng and Bed Linen Ireland

What is Egyptian Cotton?

What is Egyptian Cotton?  There are a number of types of cotton, and Egyptian Cotton is generally considered to be one of, if not the, best. Cotton is derived from a number of plants in the cotton family and Egyptian Cotton comes from one called ‘Gossypium Barbadense’.  No, we’re not sure how to pronounce that either.

What is Pima Cotton? - Kerry Linen

What is Pima Cotton?

‘Pima cotton’ is generally considered a better type of cotton, softer to the touch, more durable and resistant to wrinkling.  This is because Pima cotton fibres (each individual cotton strand) are much longer.  The cotton fibres can be up to twice as long as ‘normal’ cotton, which produces a much stronger material.  Pima tends to have a much smoother feel and will not wrinkle anywhere near as much, making it easier to iron.  The longer threads make the cotton stronger, greatly increasing its life expectancy.