Super Bounce Pillows

16.00 Per pair.

Two ‘bounce-back’ pillows at a great price!  Price per pair. Made from spiral fibre filling to make sure these pillows keep their shape for much longer than a normal pillow.  They’re non allergenic, as well,  so perfect for those allergic to down and other natural fillings.  Standard Irish/UK size, 75cm x 50cm.

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Super Bounce Pillows for Comfort and Support
Super Bounce Pillows for Comfort and Support

Super Bounce Pillows (x 2 Pillows)

Super Bounce Pillows from  This white ‘Super Bounce’ pillow is great quality at a great price!  They are made from a bouncy, hollowfibre filling with polycotton cover. They are made to bounce back to their original fullness, giving your head and neck the greatest support and offering a fantastic nights’ sleep.  Great giving it extra strength and durability.

Sleep well with these durable and affordable pillows from

Care of Super Bounce Pillows

In an ideal world, we’d say hand wash your pillows.  Perhaps in the bath, run hand-hot water and mix with a little detergent, leaving them to soak for half an hour, or so.  Agitate the pillows to make sure they are clean, then rinse with cool water until the detergent is gone.  That said, these pillows are hard-wearing and durable, so can be washed in the machine.  Just make sure you use the most gentle cycle.  Hollowfibre pillows (like hollowfibre duvets) are always best air-dried on the washing line, but again, a short and gentle tumble in they dryer will do very little harm.

The Importance of Good Pillows

The most important thing a pillo0w can provide is a comfortable support for your head and, especially, neck.  Keeping your spine straight during the night can mean the difference between waking up well rested and waking up with back, neck or shoulders aching.

There’s much talk about people who sleep on their backs, sides or fronts.  In our experience, very few people tend to stay in one position throughout the night.  We move and wriggle, we flip from one side to the other and back.  There are no real differences in pillows ‘designed’ for side sleepers, or back sleepers, the only thing that really matters is that the pillow provides good support for you head and neck.

The pillows you use really can affect your day, in ways you may not immediately be aware.  The pillows you sleep on can affect the way your spine is aligned, which can either relieve or strain your back.  This can cause headaches during the day, plus that general ‘groggy’ feeling of an unsatisfactory nights’ sleep.

After time, and lots of washing, pillows can tend to go flat.  When that happens, either use a second pillow, or consider some new, bouncier, fluffier pillows.

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